Top 3 Lies Men Tell To Get Sex

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Deception come in different shades of requests which is often used when there is a perceived gain.

Romance and sex is best enjoyed mutually when there is no form of pretense between partners.

Open communication, respect and understanding breeds trust in relationships as well as friendships.

In as much as someone can be caring and helpful, it is important to be careful not to fall victim to lies capable of hurting your health psychologically and physically.

When a friend, neighbor, colleague becomes romantically attracted to you, some men may handle this well by getting to know you better while some prefer to lie their way into getting what they want particularly, for selfish reasons most of the time.

In this article, we examine top 3 lies men tell to get sex from women that may affect one’s health mentally and physically.

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1. Having Multiple Sex Partners will make you Excellent in Bed

This is not true.

This lie is often offered as an advice to ladies who are in a promising relationship and do not seem to give into sexual advances.

Take a look at this scenario;

An ex-colleague walked up to me at work and asked if I was in a stable relationship, I answered yes politely then he went on to praise how my body was and how I would become proficient in love making if I have another boyfriend who would teach me the “art”.  He also said he would not mind if his girlfriend goes out to improve her sexual prowess as they would both enjoy the knowledge.

Joan, 23 years old.

Can you deduce the intent of Joan’s ex-colleague?

Having multiple sexual partners maybe acceptable by people but it does not guarantee excellence in love making instead, it exposes you to the risks of sexually transmitted infection like HIV and unintended pregnancy.

Also, if you are in a stable relationship and you have multiple sexual partners without your lover/boyfriend/fiance’s permission, it can lead to a lot of problems in your relationship.

2. Having sex during menstruation will never lead to pregnancy

This is another lie men tell to have unprotected sexual intercourse with women.

Women/girls need to be aware of their bodies, and that from a biological point of view, menstruation can coincide with their ovulation, as well as the fact that sperm can live up to 6 days after intercourse in their bodies.  

Do not be deceived.

When you are on your period, you are still fertile, and can get pregnant if you engage in unprotected sexual intercourse at the time.

To be sexually safe is a necessity and the use of condoms fulfills this purpose. It is safe to say that your partner does not care about your health if he insists on not using protection neither is he willing to explore other options in practicing safe sex.

In a faithful and monogamous relationship where there is reciprocated trust, it is better to use another type of birth control if having an unintended pregnancy is a concern.

Having unsafe sex exposes you to STIs (some of which are incurable) and unintended pregnancy.

3. My Sperm is Full, I’ve been advised to have Sex or Else I Will be in Pain or Die

This is a very big lie!

Take a look at another scenario;

I have a friend who said he spends up to #90,000 (Naira) on drugs because he has too much sperm in his body. He said he is on medication gotten from a hospital. Whenever the drug finishes, he will have to gather money to buy another drug. Even at a time, he was advised by a doctor to go have sex because the sperm is too much. Please, what should one do in that kind of situation?  He said he is not ready for marriage neither does he have a girlfriend.

Lucy, young adult.

There is no such thing as excessive sperm in a man’s body causing extreme discomfort. Teenagers and naive women usually fall victim to this lie by giving into sex to save the man’s life or help him feel better.

There is a condition called Hyperspermia; which refers to a condition in which a male has an abnormally large ejaculate (or semen) volume but it does not cause any pain or health issues except when the person in concern wants to father a child.

Hyperspermia is one of the causes of infertility in men, no disability or pain is attached to this condition. As seen in the scenario above, it is obviously a lie cooked up to initiate pity sex.

Ever heard of Rape by Deception?

Also known as Sexual Deceit, according to Wikipedia, It is a situation in which the perpetrator (male or female) obtains the victim’s agreement to engage in sexual intercourse or other sex acts, but gains it by deception such as false statements or actions. It is a crime punishable by law.

Deceiving someone to have sex with them can be perpetrated by men and women alike.

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It is morally wrong to have sexual encounter by falsely making the person believe the sex is a medical procedure to ease pain or save your life.

Some other ways sexual deceit is being carried out include:

  1. Lying about your age
  2. Lying about gender
  3. Lying about marital status
  4. Lying about been tested for sexually transmitted infections and diseases
  5. Lying about the use of contraception

Rape by deception can cause mental trauma. If you have been using deceit to get sex from people, it is advisable to stop as you will be punished severely by the law once caught.

Remember, unprotected sexual intercourse exposes you to sexually transmitted diseases and unintended pregnancy.

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No excuse or advice whatsoever should stop you from practicing safe sex.

Some men may complain that condoms reduce sensation to the point where they can’t attain orgasm, the solution lies in testing different types of condoms, such as a thinner variety or observe if they are using the right size.

Educated by what you have read so far? Share with friends and family, you could save a life.

Have you been told a lie to coerce you in to having sex with someone? Please indicate in the comment section below for readers to learn from.

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