Eating in Nylons: The Silent Dangers Within

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Ever had a meal so delicious you had a food orgasm?

Delicacies eaten with sauce or soups can be exciting when they smell good, quench hunger and wow your taste buds.

We endeavour to eat healthy foods by consuming meals in the right quantity containing adequate nutrients.

Do you agree drinking water and taking fruits liberally also contributes to good wellbeing?

Have you considered the packaging the food or drink comes in?

Do you know they can affect your body negatively?

Several staple foods are wrapped and packaged in nylons to be sold or preserved.

Little or no attention is given to the silent dangers lurking in restaurants, hotels and our domestic homes.

It may surprise you to know that eating food package or wrapped in nylons is equivalent to exposing yourself to poison constantly.

Today, we shed light on the risks associated with eating food/drinks wrapped or packaged in nylons.

What Is a Nylon?

Nylons are synthetic materials made from carbon-based chemicals that are found in petroleum or coals.

It is commonly used in wrapping staple foods to help with preservation and easy distribution at the point-of-sale.

Also, it is used in packaging liquids like water and locally made drinks.

Common Foods and Drinks Wrapped/Preserved in Nylons.

  1. Amala
  2. Fufu
  3. Semo
  4. Wheatmeal
  5. Moin moin (Bean Pudding)
  6. Eko (Solid Pap)
  7. Eba
  8. Satchet Water (‘Pure water’)
  9. Zobo
  10. Herbal concotions etc.

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Why is Nylon Bad For Food and Drinks?

Nylons may seem very easy and convenient to cook in but danger lies within.

They contain a chemical called dioxin that has been found to be highly toxic to the body.

Dioxins are absorbed when;

  1. Hot foods are wrapped in nylon.
  2. Foods are cooked in nylon.
  3. Drinks in nylon are stored under temperature equal to or higher than 28°C.
  4. Food or drinks in nylons are warmed either in a microwave or on a cooker.

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What are the Effects of Eating/ Drinking From Nylons?

If you are in the habit of eating out, eating from nylon wrapped foods or taking satchet water you need to be wary of what you could be ingesting.

Dioxins released from nylons are not favourable to health because they damage immunity and disrupt hormonal processes essential for day to day activities.

Sachet Water

Constant exposure to dioxins may cause;

  1. Skin discoloration
  2. Skin rashes
  3. Diabetes mellitus (type 2)
  4. Endometriosis
  5. Decrease in sperm count
  6. Immune system suppression
  7. Liver damage
  8. Decreased fertility
  9. Birth defects
  10. Developmental problem in children and
  11. Cancer

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To prevent exposing yourself to daily intake of dioxins from nylons, you need to explore other methods of packaging or wrapping foods.

It includes the use of traditional leaves which can be easily bought in local markets.

Avoid taking sachet water or drinks in nylon that has been exposed to 28°C.

You can check your drink/water temperature by using a food/liquid thermometer which is available here.

Also, avoid microwaving foods and drinks in nylons instead, use ceramics.

In as much as little attention is paid to the rate at which restaurants or eateries uses nylons to package meals for sale, it is advised that you eat home based meals void of nylons during preparation, packaging and serving.

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