Body Posture: The Good, The Bad And The Ugly. Pt 3

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Resting your arms on your pillow while you lie on the floor to watch a movie can be a sweet feeling, but are you doing it right?

Do you feel neck pains when you wake up in the morning from a night rest? Read On.

The posture you maintain while lying down goes a long way to affect your muscle and skeletal health.

In the previous the article, the importance of sitting with the knees on hip level and the relationship between muscle aches and sitting were addressed. Click here to read more.

Today, we take a good look at lying postures, and the trio of the good (DOs), the bad (DON’Ts) and the ugly effects of lying down in a wrong way.

So, sit comfortably or stand properly (ensure you’re doing it the right way, click here to read on how to maintain a good standing posture) while reading this write-up to prevent a disorder called Text Neck Syndrome and muscle aches, read about it here.


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A sleeping or lying posture refers to the way you sleep or lie down without stressing your muscles and joints.

Research suggests poor lying posture disrupts the flow of toxins out of the brain which causes headaches.

To develop and maintain a good lying posture requires a conscious effort as it will help you to gradually replace your old posture.


Below are tips to lying down the right way;

  1. Avoid sleeping on your stomach.
  2. Lie on a firm mattress or a flat surface.
  3. Sleep on your side.
  4. When you want to stand up, roll on your side, draw your knees up and swing your legs to the side of the couch or bed.


Here, we mention few examples of bad lying postures, their effect and how they can be corrected:

1. Lying flat on your stomach

Effect; This mounts pressure on your nerves causing numbness, headache, neck pains and tingling sensations in the arm (Paresthesiasis) known as “Paja-Paja” in Yoruba.
It also causes back and neck pain because the spine is not in a neutral position.

Correction; You need to stop lying on your stomach for a long period of time. If you find it difficult, support your forehead with a pillow to align your spine and aid easy breathing.

2. Lying on the stomach using a device

Source: Dreamtime

When you are on your tummy for a long period, you tilt your neck forward, raise your shoulders, place your arm in an uncomfortable manner and mounts lots of pressure on the joints and the breathing muscles.

Effect; This changes the natural curvature of the spine causing a strain and leading to back pain. It also prevents you from breathing in sufficient oxygen.

Correction; Avoid this position. Instead, sit up in a comfortable seat to use your gadget to prevent bending your neck.

3. Lying on the back

Source: PF Stack Exchange

Effect; The lower back will be strained causing pain.

Correction; Put a small pillow under the neck to maintain the natural curve of the spine. Also, place a pillow under both knees to aid comfort.

4. Lying on the side

Source: DMBC

This is not completely bad as people maintain this position to relieve back pain or abdominal discomfort but adequate support for the head and neck is necessary for a healthy spine.

Adjustment; Place a pillow under the neck to fill the gap. Also, place a pillow between the knees to relieve the pelvis and spine from being twisted or misaligned.

Emphasis on consciously correcting your posture cannot be over flogged as poor lying posture develops as a result of bad lying habits that developed over a long period of time.

With much practice, you will observe a tremendous change in your health and body stature.

If you have trouble lying down as recommended, please check with a doctor to rule out or treat muscular abnormalities.


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