Akinbinu Otaru Mercy is the Chief Content Writer of LovoHealth, a Healthcare Speaker, Freelance Content Writer, Poet, Graphic Designer and a Registered Nurse.

She is passionate about educating people on making excellent health choices as she believes it is a step towards encouraging a positive well being.
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Ever thought of having an intelligent source of verified answers to health and medical related questions?

LovoHealth is perfect for you. 

We bring you verified information written by professionals. Due to this reason, living a life of wellness is easy.

Contents we provide educates and helps list questions you may have for your health provider and we do this by;

1) Providing you with simple to read information so as to understand the medical condition or concerns you are interested in.

2) Assisting you in making good decisions while working with your health provider about treatment options offered to you.

3) Providing an avenue to share experiences on conditions which is why the comment form is below each article.

According to the World Health Organisation (WHO), Health cuts across the emotional, mental, social, and financial aspect of life.

Our site features the latest information while separating fact from fiction.

We stand for sound health hence, we do not help you self diagnose your illness or provide treatment options.

A medically trained professional is to examine and prescribe treatment options suitable for you.

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