7 Dangerous Effects of Not Drinking Enough Water

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7 Dangerous Effects of Not Drinking Enough Water

Do you find it very uneasy to gulp down a cup of water even when you just had a meal?

Whenever the weather is hot and you’re stuck in traffic, do you go for a bottle of coke or a bottle of water?

Someone once complained “if only water tasted sweet, I’ll drink it on a regular”. If you’re this guy, it means you barely drink water which is very bad for your health.

Water is essential for the optimum function of the body in diverse ways. It makes the skin look healthy, aids in digestion, refreshes and vitalizes our organs.

The recommended amount of water you need to take daily on an average is 3 litres.

If you take sachet water (pure water), taking 6 of them daily is the right way to go. If the weather is hot, you may take more.

The importance of water can never be over emphasized which why we have made a list of 7 dangerous effects of not drinking enough water.

Here are pointers to why you should always have a filled water bottle wherever you go:

1. Wrinkly Skin

The skin serves as a barrier protecting internal organs. It is exposed to the ever changing weather on a regular which is why we need to take good care of it by drinking sufficient water so as to nourish it from inside out.

When we do not take enough water, the skin will look aged, flaky and saggy. Also collagen, an essential protein that maintains the integrity of the skin will break which would make the skin crack and thin white lines will form.

A dry skin makes your body prone to injury, delays wound from healing, favourable for acne and harmful toxins to thrive.

One of the signs a health professional looks out for in a dehydrated patient is wrinkly skin. Moisturize your skin from inside out, make water your medicine.

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2. Headaches

It might interest you to know that the brain is made up of 73% of water and not taking enough of water can cause headache.

Before you go ahead to take pain relief for a headache, ask yourself If you have taken enough water. If you haven’t, take water as it may go away without taking pills.

3. Weight Gain

You might be surprised but it’s true. A scenario was painted earlier about choice of drink when you’re stuck in traffic, majority would go for a chilled bottle of coke/soft drink.

We sometimes confuse thirst with been hungry and go for food over water; this is because lack of water in the body makes us crave for sugary things and also interfere the body’s ability to get energy from energy stored in the body from previous meals.

Taking carbs when your body has enough predisposes you to gain weight which is why it is advisable to drink water before eating as you may eat less, especially if you are on a diet to lose weight.

Taking enough water daily gives insight as to whether you’re hungry or thirsty hence controlling the amount of carbs that gets into your system.

4. Renal Calculi (Kidney Stones)

One of the functions of the kidney is to remove toxins from the body, thereby producing urine as a medium to pass them out of the body.

When water is insufficient to make urine, these toxins deposit in the kidney and form stones which causes severe back pain.

The large stones often require surgery to be removed on diagnosis while the smaller ones will be urinated out of the body (which is quite painful) provided the person affected drinks lots and lots and lots of water as recommended by the health provider or might even take IV fluids (drips).

Drinking water is so vital, you need to take it seriously and your kidneys will thank you always.

5. Bad Breath

Suffering from bad breath lately? You brush twice daily, use mouthwash and your breath still stinks?

Have you considered the amount of water you take daily? Water is important in the production of saliva that helps to rinse bacteria away from the mouth to maintain healthy tongue, teeth and gums.

If you don’t like drinking water and you have bad breath, you need to hug water closely. This is because poor water drinking habits negatively influences the production of saliva to be little and causes bacteria to build up in your mouth.

Make drinking enough water a habit today and notice a change. If bad breath persists, see a certified health provider for a check up to rule out diseases such as diabetes.

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6. Urinary Tract Infection

When your body lacks water to sustain metabolic activities, the kidney tries as much as possible to reabsorb water into the body thereby reducing urination.

When you pee and it is little in quantity, looks darker in colour, has a bad odour and cloudy in appearance, it means your body needs water.

This also means your body lacks enough water to flush away toxins and harmful bacteria along the urinary tract thereby predisposing you to urinary tract infection which are most times treated by antibiotics.

Boosting your health by taking enough water daily is a sure way to keep urinary tract infection at bay.

7. Constipation

Are you passing hard stools lately? One of the solutions lies in drinking water. To promote good digestion and keep your stool soft, you need to take sufficient amount of water.

Another means your body source for fluids when you don’t drink water is by absorbing water from your stool which would make it hard, dry, firm and difficult to pass out.

It would make you strain and stress all your muscles when you need to pass stool which could lead to haemorrhoid aka Jedi Jedi.

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Water is so important and should not be over looked when you’re eating, working, exercising and partying. When your urine is looking clearer, lighter and has less odour, it means you are taking enough water.

Except you are allergic, water is a must have in your daily activity as it revitalizes and helps to flush away toxins from the body.
Take 3 liters a day and chase bad health that occurs as a result of not taking enough water away!

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