6 Easy Positions to have Sex in Pregnancy

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6 Easy Positions To Have Sex In Pregnancy

Has it ever puzzled you if it is possible to have sex in pregnancy or how it can lead to an excellent sexual life?

Are you pregnant and ever thought how safe or how your spouse would find it convenient to have sex with you? Then this is for you.

Contrary to popular opinion, sex in pregnancy is safe and enjoyable except in some situations highlighted here.

Having a mutual understanding towards having sex in pregnancy is essential as it provides room for discussing concerns, fears and suggestions.

Amidst establishing an emotional connection, there are several benefits attached to an exceptional sexual life in pregnancy which have been discussed here.

Recommended by the Nurses Got Talent Foundation, here are 6 easy sexual positions safe to assume in pregnancy;

  1. Side by Side

side by side position

Lie with your partner facing your back to penetrate from behind. Keep some pillows handy for extra support as your pregnancy progresses.

Penetration tends to be shallower in this position which is a good thing because deep thrusts can become uncomfortable after some months.


  1. You on Top

ontop position

This position can work throughout your pregnancy. Straddle your partner as he lies on his back.

That way, there will be no weight on your tummy and you can control the depth of penetration.


  1. On a Chair

Hold on to your partner as he sits on a well-balanced chair.

Position the chair close to the wall or another sturdy furniture to lean on when you are ready to get up from this position.


  1. From Behind; Doggy Style

Doggy Style

Support yourself on your elbows as your partner kneels and penetrates from behind.

Pillows are often needed for tummy support.


  1. Side-by-Side; At An Angle (Triple A)

Both spouses are to lie on the side, bodies forming a V-shape.

Wedge a pillow under your back for support as you face your partner and rest both legs over his hips.

This position allows him to keep most of his weight off your tummy.


  1. Missionary Position

If you want to try this position after your first trimester i.e. you have passed the third month in pregnancy, wedge a pillow under you.

This is to ensure you are not lying flat on your back. Make sure your partner supports himself so his weight will not be directly on your tummy.

It is very essential that you consult your health provider to know if you fall under the category of those who are to abstain from sexual intercourse for preventing complications.

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