4 Tips You Wish You Knew About Beddings

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Getting a good night sleep could be hindered by the beddings between your mattress and you.

A soft bed and fluffy pillows are not enough to give guaranteed rest if you are yet to consider the material your sheets are made of and how it is been handled hygienically.

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People are more likely to focus more on taking care of what they wear while the sheets they sleep in isn’t given much attention.

There are certain factors you may be missing out on that encourages a wonderful time in bed and they include;

1. Washing a new bedding is very important

Ridding germs and dust from a new bedding isn’t far fetched as a lot of irritants may have gotten on them while in transit or during packaging.

Use hot water to wash beddings or follow the manufacturer’s manual to ensure proper cleaning is done.

2. Choosing the right bedding textile

Do you find yourself picking an attractive looking bedding without regarding the kind of material it is made of?

Making your bedroom beautiful is a thoughtful move but one has to go for beddings that will give relaxing nights.

For example, synthetic sheets tend to absorb and trap heat which would make someone who sweats at night or for menopausal women who get hot flushes uncomfortable while trying to sleep.

Materials like cotton that absorbs sweat and remain cool should be considered when shopping for a bedding.

3. Change beddings every 8-10 days

Climbing into clean sheets at the end of a very busy day feels relaxing and sleep inviting.

When beddings are dirty, they give off a damp smelly odour that may ruin your sleep appetite. Unwashed pillows cause skin breakouts like acne or pimples to the face and necks.

It is recommended to wash or change sheets and pillow cases every 8-10 days to maximize a healthy sleep while duvets and blankets can be washed every 1-2 weeks.

Hot water is highly recommended in washing beddings.

4. Buy new beddings every 18-24 months

Like every other textile, continuous washing fades not only the beauty, but the comfort of the bedding too.

Newer sheets feel more appealing to sleep in hence encouraging a good night rest.

More Tips…

Preserving your beddings will be easy from the period when they are very clean to the time they are due for washing if you do the following;

  • Avoid applying oil, lotions or creams just before bed
  • Remove makeup before sleeping in bed
  • Avoid eating and drinking in bed
  • Take a shower before lying in bed
  • Dust off debris from feet or socks before climbing into bed

If you are having a hard time trying to sleep at night, and these tips as mentioned in this article were not helpful, consult your physician to identify and treat the cause.

Sleep deprivation is unhealthy, take action to nip it in the bud before it tampers with your wellbeing.

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