5 Key Benefits of Fasting You’re not Aware of

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Every beginning of the year is welcomed most times by various religion or cultures with fasting.

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Voluntarily, people engage in abstaining from food and drinks within a specific period of time to either pay respect to who/what they believe in or attain a spiritual level.

This activity is known as Fasting.

Duration of fasting differs. It could be from few hours to a few days.

No matter the reason why someone chooses to engage in a fast, what occurs in general is that the body will be starved from foods and drinks for a while.

In recent times, fasting has been studied to offer various health benefits. Weight loss is the most popularly known effect but there are more you may have not heard about.

Below are 5 benefits that fasting provides to health;

1. Reduces the risk of Type 2 Diabetes

Type 2 Diabetes refers to a condition where the body cannot adequately control sugar in the blood due to poor functioning of an hormone called Insulin.

Insulin is like a gateman that opens the gate for sugar to enter cells to have energy (fuel) to perform well.

If there is more sugar in the blood, more insulin will be released and if it continues that way, insulin resistance will develop exposing you to diabetes.

Studies reveal that fasting reduces strain on insulin to be produced in large quantity hence reducing the risk of diabetes.

2. Improvement of blood pressure and cholesterol

Fasting reduces the rate we eat/drink edibles high in sodium and bad cholesterol that causes hypertension and heart diseases respectively.

Although, binge eating after fast without paying attention to what is been eaten may nullify this effect.

It is of importance to note that dietary modification such as eating healthy food choices also improves overall wellbeing.

3. Could enhance brain development and function

Animal studies have shown that fasting helps in the new generation of brain cells that contributes to good cognitive function.

It has also been revealed to prevent neurodegenerative disorders to an extent but more studies need to be performed to further ascertain this effect in humans.

4. May extend life longevity

The potential effect fasting has in increasing lifespan has been shown to be promising in recent studies conducted on animals but more studies are encouraged to see how human beings may benefit and how it reduces aging.

5. Keeps inflammation on the low

Inflammation is one of the means by which our body fights against infection but when the process is prolonged, it causes diseases such as Arthritis.

However, fasting has been discovered to significantly reduce inflammatory markers (chemicals in the blood that indicate ongoing inflammation) such that it may be useful in treating chronic inflammatory conditions.

Bonus Benefit

Aids Weight loss

It’s no news that the process of fasting contributes to weight loss. Depriving one’s self from food/drinks makes the body go for alternate energy sources i.e. the fat tissue.

This is how the loss of body fat comes in and the muscles becomes preserved.

It is mindful to be aware that if you are having any health challenge, your physician must be consulted to deem you fit to or monitor your health as you fast.

Fasting is not to be encouraged by children or adolescents because they need all round supply of calories and other nutrients.

There are different types of nonfood fasts that can be explored for those who can not be off food such as children, adolescents and the elderly. Check them out here.

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