Are You Slim?! Why you need to Watch What You Eat

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Do you know someone who eats a lot, yet does not gain weight?

Do you eat any food that comes your way because your body will retain it’s shape irregardless?

If yes, are you aware eating food without quality and moderation poses several health risks beyond becoming fat and having a big belly?

It is widely assumed that slim people do not eat well.

On the contrary, they have an advantage in their genetics that no matter how much they eat, their size will not increase.

This is because they have lower amount of genes that increases the chances of being overweight.

But do not get comfortable with this fact as it does not rule out the advice that says “you are what you eat”

In this article, we look into 3 medical conditions you are likely to develop if you do not pay attention to what and how you eat.

So relax, take a pen and jotter, note important points and see how they relate to your dietary habits.

1. Diabetes Mellitus (DM)

This is a condition in which your body cells will not be able to utilize glucose (digested or simple form of sugar).

This is because the hormone responsible for coordinating the glucose uptake by the body cells, named Insulin, is not produced in the right amount or is not been produced at all.

One of the causes of DM is eating food containing lots and lots of sugar.

Sugar is not bad but moderation is needed in order not to consume it excessively.

Avoiding food that contains glucose is not negotiable. Why? Because we get energy from glucose that our body cells uses to perform daily activities.

It’s like saying you want your car to run without fuel.

There are several types of Diabetes Mellitus, the type you are likely to develop if you keep eating junks excessively is TYPE 2, read here to know more.

Insulin is like a gate man that opens the gate for glucose to enter the cells thus, when insulin is insufficient or absent, glucose can’t enter.

Due to this reason;

  • Body cells will become fatigued and stressed since they can’t access the fuel (glucose) to work.
  • Hence they start to breakdown which is very dangerous as our body is made up of cells from head to toe causing wounds to break out especially on the limbs.
  • The glucose will keep swimming in the blood which isn’t healthy so the body tries to remove it by making the person sweat a lot and urinate a lot.
  • Since the cells are not getting fuel, the person will feel the need to eat more but this will cause more harm if the person does not get treated.
  • There will also be a need to take a lot water because the frequency of urinating has increased.

(If you are experiencing these symptoms, please see a Doctor)

Eating excessively without paying attention to sugar intake stresses your body.

Stress can cause shortage in insulin production, hence Type 2 DM develops.

Diabetes is one of the leading causes of death globally and it can be prevented when you watch what you eat.

Carbohydrates or carbs especially from junks ought to be eaten in moderation especially if you barely burn out calories by exercising.

Don’t let your slim figure fool you.

Engaging in exercise isn’t about trimming fat alone but burning excessive calories too that puts you at risk of becoming diabetic.

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2. Hypertension (HTN)

Also known as Persistent High Blood Pressure is a killer non-communicable disease you may develop if you do not watch what you eat.

Amongst other causes of HTN, excessive salt intake has been established as a risk factor.

Salt or sodium, when excessive in the body, retains too much fluid in the body which puts a lot of pressure on the heart.

It is quite difficult to measure salt level in what we consume everyday from meals or unlabeled snacks we buy from restaurants.

Hence, minimize eat outs and go for healthy snack options like fruits and vegetables.

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3. Atherosclerosis

This condition refers to when fats are deposited in your blood vessels which hinders the free circulation of blood around the body.

How can fat enter your blood vessels when you are clearly slim and having a normal weight?

Unhealthy eating may not add to your stature or weight physically but are you aware fats can be deposited around your vital organs and seep into your blood stream?

This hidden fat, also known as ‘skinny fat’, can be more dangerous than subcutaneous fat (that is visibly seen when it is excessive) which lies directly under your skin.

It increases insulin resistance and inflammation when they surround the pancreas (the organ that produces insulin) causing Type 2 DM also.

Artherosclerosis is one of the causes of heart diseases and strokes.

It can be avoided by minding the quality of food that you consume.

It is not wise to judge the nutrition a meal or snack offers with your tongue’s taste buds, because it isn’t tasting salty or sugary does not mean the food doesn’t not contain salt or sugar in large quantity.

Normalize screening the wrappers or packages of meals, drinks or snacks  before consuming.

Living a healthy dietary lifestyle is possible if you take note of the following;

  • Be conscious of what you eat by; Checking food wrappers like noodles, cookies etc to assess how much salt they contain before buying and or cooking, minimizing the rate at which you consume snack. go for healthier options snacks like fruits or smoothies.
  • Exercise daily; You don’t have to enroll in a gym to exercise but if you can afford it, that’s a plus. You can exercise by walking around and doing push-ups.
  • Add veggies and fruits to your daily eating routine.
  • Take lots of water (See recommended daily intake of water here).
  • Go for a health check up from time to time.

In summary, if there is a history of hypertension, diabetes and cardiovascular diseases in your family, you have to watch your dietary intake as it increases your chances of developing these medical conditions.

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