6 Unbelievable Uses of Condom that has Nothing to do with Sex

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6 Unbelievable Uses of Condom that has Nothing to do with Sex

Do you know that preventing STDs and unintended pregnancy are not the only reasons why condoms exist?

It would interest you to know that condoms (which are thin fitted tubes a man wears over his erect penis or a woman inserts into her vagina before having sex) are been used in daily activities that has absolutely nothing to do with sexual intercourse.

From medical procedures to the Boxing sport, condoms have proven over and over again to be versatile and very helpful in making life easy.

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We have compiled 6 different unbelievable uses of condom that has nothing to do with sex and they include:

1. As a Waterproof for phones

Source: Reddit

Need to go for a swim or party at the beach and you’re worried your phone might get wet, worry no more!

Simply slip your phone into a condom, tie the end into a knot and you’re good to go. Swim as much as you want, your phone will be protected.

You may choose to use non-lubricated condoms if you want to prevent oily lubricant from staining your phone.

2. A cure for Acne

Source: Forhims

People have testified that condoms cure pimples and acne.

All that needs to be done is get a new condom, slice it open and rub the lubricant on your face.

You can try it since you’ve got absolutely nothing to lose.

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3. As an Ice Pack

Source: Brightside

Filling a condom with water and rubbing alcohol in a ratio 3:1 then put in the freezer.

Your ice pack will be ready in no time. Often used by boxers to soothe bumps gotten from fights.

You can use it in a cooler for drinks and food when you’re out for a picnic too.

How awesome is that? Very awesome.

4. As a Medical Tool

Source: Ultrasound Rocks

In medicine, safe sex is preached to prevent STDs and unintended pregnancy and condoms are prescribed to that effect.

Interestingly, condoms are used as medical tools in several ways which are:
Collecting samples,
To control postpartum bleeding,
A covering for endovaginal probes for easy and painless insertion.

5. As a waterproof for Bandage or Plaster

Source: Medium

Think about getting stuck in the rain and you have a plastered wound you’re trying to protect from moist or you’re trying to figure out a way to prevent water or moisture from getting into a bandaged wound when you bathe, what are the options you have?

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Did you just say Condoms?! Yes, condoms are super waterproof and a perfect adhesive that can secure your bandaged or plastered wound.

All you need is cut the end off a condom and slip it on to the wound.

This is best used when the wound is plastered or bandaged, do not use as a replacement for proper wound dressing or coverings.

6. As a cover for Can drinks

Source: Brightside

A can drink can be boring if after opening it is exposed for too long.

Try rolling a condom over the opening to keep it fresh.

It is also a very nice and funny way to prevent your drink from been stolen by friends.

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Hilarious, isn’t it? to be aware of several uses of condoms.

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